13-15 September 2011

On street level: Examples from the interdisciplinary urban research project Citámbulos

Presentation of citámbulos videos and soundscapes at the 2nd International Visual Methods conference at the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.


More information on the conference and the complete programme here…


This selection of videos, stop-motion film, animation and soundscapes is an invitation to dive into the buzzing life of the Mexican megalopolis as heard and seen by ten artist-researchers and research collectives. It presents a wide range of tactics by which inhabitants produce and navigate the city and everyday urban life.

Adopting a street level perspective allows these works of creative research at the border between art and social science to extrapolate from individual stories insights into the socio-spatial formation of exclusion and resistance, segregation and fear, place, home and infrastructures ‘on the move’, urban imaginaries, multiculturalism and identity.

The ten pieces, furthermore, present an invitation to discuss different approaches of how to design the audio-visual research process in order to build particular forms of collaboration and dialogue between researcher, researched and the public. Distinct techniques of recording and editing have been employed with the aim to respond to the different needs and objectives in each situation. These techniques work along modes of cognition and telling that range from observation to intervention, from visualisation to fiction.


The following works form part of the collection:

  • Citámbulos Trailer. Video 1’.
  • La Niña Blanca, 2008. Vlady Díaz with Citámbulos. Video 10’.
  • Ana Juliette, 2008. Paulina del Paso. Video 6’.
  • Circo, 2008. Nuria Ibáñez. Video 16’.
  • Caza–Hummers, 2008. Héctor Zubieta with Citámbulos. Video 1’.
  • Secuestro virtual, 2008. Comando Santa Lucía and Citámbulos. Audio 20′.
  • Trazando la ciudad, 2009. Vlady Díaz. Video 1′.
  • De bicis y ciclovías, 2008. Comando Santa Lucía. Stop-motion video 6′.
  • Depende del cristal con que se mire, 2009. Guadalupe Sánchez Sosa. Video–animation 1’30″.
  • Babelotitlán, 2008. Sol Arechiga and Leo Heiblum, Audio 4’.
  • Puertas, 2001-2003. Gerardo Rodríguez and Tonalli Villaseñor. Video 4’30”.


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