23 October 2010

Your Best Investment

at This is Not a Gateway, Hanbury Hall, 22 Hanbury Street, London E1


Pernille Maria Bärnheim, Cristina Inclán Valadez, Arturo Ortiz Struck and Christian von Wissel in conversation.

a project by Pernille Maria Bärnheim.


The socio-spatial impact of economic strategies on urban development’s reaching far beyond The City itself. As with any other big city, Mexico City is in competition of attracting international businesses. One strategy employed has been to open the social housing market to private developers and international banks. This is not only shaping the city of today but will exert great implications on the city yet to come.

Arturo: The slip from social housing to private investment strategies: The case of Infonavit. City planning and design as an instrument in the larger national and global economic policies, rather than as potential generators for a positive development of city sociality.

Cristina: Community making: reappropriation of old concepts mixed with new models.

Christian: Reappropriation and adaptation in relation to the built environment, and its socio-spatial connectivity to the city.

Pernille: Potentiality – the underdevelopment of social and economic ressources of these new developments from the vantage point of design, planning, and municipal investment.


You can listen to the podcast here.


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