17-18 March 2010

Taller Citámbulos: Cómo leer la ciudad?

part of Doculab Guadalajara – 2. Laboratorio de formación documental // International Film Festival Guadalajara 2010.

“Hay fenómenos e incluso cosas que son lo que son y como son porque, de alguna manera, también son o pueden ser otra cosa o fenómeno” Julio Cortázar

Finding new ways of seeing urban space not only allows recognizing hidden realities, but detecting the extraordinary within the everyday. The workshop “How to read the city?” presents tools for reading the city that go beyond seeing the city merely as the backdrop in which stories occur. It invites participants to explore the narrative potential of urban space itself – understanding the city as an actor rather than as a stage – and provides the opportunity to nurture our ways of story telling.


The workshop consists of two parts: 17.03., 4-7pm: a photographic exploration and detour in Tlaquepaque // 18.03., 4-5.30pm: group discussion and presentation of possible story lines.


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