Citámbulos: The Incidence of the remarkable. Guide to the Marvels of Mexico City

Without beginning or end, readable from back to front, this book is, above all, a guide for getting lost in Mexico City. For it is enough to go out onto the street, hone your gaze, and open up all your senses, to discover that the remarkable — that fine line running parallel to the everyday and transecting what is unusual, mysterious, exotic, terrible or poetic about the city — is also a means of coming to know its essence. The 121 portraits of contemporary life in the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico offered here are but a small sample of the infinity of parentheses each inhabitant can open in order to turn those familiar yawns and shouts of desperation into refreshing mouthfuls of astonishment.


ISBN-13: 9789709535501


a Spanish preview is available here…


selected English pages can be downloaded here…


or you can find the book on Amazon here…

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